Hope Evangelical-Lutheran Church
    3800 Beard Road
    Fremont, California 94555

    9:30am Sunday School (ages 3 and up)
    9:30am Adult Catechesis (Bible Class)
   10:30am The Divine Service with Holy Communion
    7:30pm Vespers with the Sacrament
Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, November 21st
    7:30pm Divine Service with Holy Communion

A church of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession AD 1530 & the Book of Concord AD 1580/1584

Hope Lutheran is a member of the English District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and boldly confesses the truths of Holy Scripture as they are correctly explained in the Ecumenical Creeds and the Lutheran Confessions. We approach God with humility and repentance and receive from him the greatest gift we can imagine, forgiveness and life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We who have been washed clean in Holy Baptism gather weekly as a family regardless of color, race, or nationality to receive these blessings.


Reverend John W. Berg

If you have questions about our congregation or its teachings please contact our pastor.